Currently Booking Dates For Next Year's "Wedding Season"!

As Christmas, New Year's Eve & Valentine's Day approaches, many young men are planning a bit of drama to add some excitement to these holidays!  

A Marriage Proposal!  

Yes, there is a growing tradition to give the gift of your Life Long Love and Devotion to that special someone at these holidays.  That is great, but realize that you are not the only one making the proposition of marriage at this special time of celebration.  There are thousands of proposals being made on Christmas Day, New year's Eve & Valentine's Day at the very same time!

So, please consider having TennPhoto be there to photograph or videotape the special moment and the special moments that will make up the entire "Wedding Season" of your life together.  

It is never too early to begin considering the photography of your "Wedding Season".   This is a special period if your life together, the beginning!  The memory of these moments will be the base of the experience that will be your life's adventure!  When you look back from some point in the future, after the kids are grown and the grandchildren come visit, you will have the photographs of these special days to share with them.  This will help them understand the story of their origin.  How their parents came to be your children and how your love is the key to their very existence!  

So, the "Wedding Season" photographs are important and should be considered early in your planning process - even as early as before the Proposal!

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