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J Ray Sanduski - Photographer

As your personal professional photographer, I take my role very seriously as I am performing the one task that will help you remember the events and the people who shared your special moments and celebrated with you during one of your most cherished events of your life.  My passion and focus is to help you see yourself through the eyes of everyone who loves you!

I endeavor to create photographs that will capture the memories and feelings of your special events, that will become cherished treasures for generations.  I have performed this role hundreds of times at weddings, family events, corporate meetings, portrait sessions and headshot sessions since 2008.  In 2022, I had 128 unique client sessions, just to give you an idea of my service activities.

In June of 2020, I performed my 100th wedding! It was a truly special occasion as the wedding was attended by only 5 people, at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown. I was the photographer, videographer and I live streamed the ceremony over the internet for the absent family members to witness. That day tested my skill, but it was most rewarding to know that the couple could still include their loved ones in their wedding celebration, masks and all!

As 2023 begins, I have completed 161 Weddings as Photographer and 75 as Videographer!  I recently expanded my videography services into the conference and seminar space.  In October of 2022, I completed my 15th Corporate Video Project.  I find that the weekday video projects are just as fun as the weekend projects!  

My geographic service coverage extends from Portland, TN to Huntsville, AL (North to South)  and Cookeville, TN to Waverly, TN (East to West).  I have performed photography services at well over 100 venues since 2008,  so please scroll down and click on the venue link to  see my Venue list, to see if your venue is listed!  

I am here to help you, celebrate you and bring out the best in everyone by being positive, enthusiastic and happy in my role as Your Professional Photographer!

Photography & Videography Services

Serving Middle Tennessee & Northern Alabama

 - Weddings, Engagement Sessions, Proposals

 - Corporate Headshots, Group Photos & Team Projects

 - Corporate, Small/Medium Business & Charitable Events

 - Commercial  Photo &  Video Projects

 - Individual & Family Portraits

 - Editorial Photography & Videography

 - Music Videos, Performance Videos & Presentation Videos

 - Business & Industrial Photography

 - Your Special Project Request  

List Of Venues

There are literally hundreds of beautiful venues that host events across the Mid-South. From Rustic barns on working farms to classic hotels and upscale event spaces. I have performed photography sessions and weddings at some of the areas iconic locations. Here is a listing of as many as I can recall after 11 years and visiting a multitude of locations! ...Middle Tennessee & Northern Alabama is my area of focus, but I will travel to wherever you need me to go! - Let's have a chat! Middle Tennessee Venues

Please click on the button below to open another page that lists over 100 venues that I have experienced in my activities as a Professional Photographer for over 14 years.

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